Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we answer some the most frequently asked Questions on our platform

  • What is DineMates - POS (Point-of-sale) ?
    Its a Contact less Dining solution helping restaurant upgrade to Digital restaurant. Restaurant gets eMenu and digital orders from customer phone to Kitchen (eKOT). Receive in-app payments from all major cards , PayTM,UPI and net banking options.
  • Our system comes with no extra device integration,it upgrades the restaurant digitally by connecting mobile phones of seller & customers into one ecosystem called DineMates.With DineMates you get a system for order taking to kitchen command distribution,creating digital and contact-less restaurant. It is safest to use a digital ordering system while increasing operational efficiency within the restaurant.
  • In simple 3 steps:
    Step 1 - Fill in the form to register
    Step 2 - setup eMenu
    Step 3 - Start orders
  • I. CART licensing - Self-service

    Suitable for small cafes,carts, & canteens.Use your mobile device for order taking, e-token ,digital payments and e-receipts directly to customer mobile.All your business in your mobile.check weekly/monthly sales,revenue,accounts of your business.

    II. Cloud licensing

    For cloud Kitchens & online deliveries.
    Cloud-based Ticket Order Paperless System with one-click access for kitchen.Optimize daily operational tasks and increase order efficiency.Online ordering System with In-app feedback to customized offers.Make Customer your Community

    III. Dining licensing model

    Suitable for medium & family owned restaurants.
    Smart-Phone App where every-employ gets a Dashboard.Regulate staff time-sheet and keep daily track on order served,prepared time & quantity to Table-side Ordering System for reduced waiting time and increased accuracy.
    A swift way to ultimate Customer Experience.

  • Limit in-person contact, increase safety, and improve order accuracy with digital working. Get paid faster by accepting customer payments through their phone digitally—all from one place. Everything your Restaurant needs to work Digital & Smarter
  • NO card machine - save on monthly machine rents & transaction costs.
    NO Printer or printing cost required.
    NO accounts or khata system needed.
    No Menu printing cost
  • Scan - Select - Order
    Scan QR at the restaurant ,select dish - order & Pay
  • Engage more and up-sell from new customer history to loyal customers for repeat orders.
    Increase 50% profit with repeat loyal customer orders.
  • Customer can order in advance with reservation time.Get re-confirmation at each step to avoid no-show customer.
  • Keep daily track on order served,prepared time/ quantity to Table-side Ordering System for reduced staff waiting time and increased accuracy.With Dinemates automation for the restaurants and a social network side to offer instant selling,get a new way to access repeat customer sale.
  • Yes, you can opt for our Cart plan to generate token for self service.
  • Yes,you can use our enterprise plan to operate multiple location on one tap.
    Get daily reports on total orders,revenue ,table served,supply & staff management to monitor your restaurant health in the fastest way.
  • Yes,all our plans are ready to be installed in single or multi-franchise operations.
  • Yes, you can opt for our Cart plan to generate token for self service.
  • Yes, you can opt for our Cart plan to generate token for self service.
  • we help bring you more customer,more money.
    With 24x7 support service
  • No,device such as mobile or laptop becomes your hardware of operations.
  • No,You choose what you pay.Low price subscription plans for all restaurant needs.
    Fast setup. No long-term contract. Cancel anytime.